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Identifying a Compromised PC

Unusual Behavior:
Should your computer display unusual behavior, like unexpected pop-ups, frequent crashes, or slower performance, it might be compromised.

Unauthorized Software:
If you notice unfamiliar programs or software running on your computer that you did not install, it could be a sign of compromise.

Browser Changes:
Check your browser for unexpected changes, such as a new homepage, search engine, or unfamiliar toolbar. These alterations may indicate a security breach.

Disabled Security Software:
If your antivirus or security software has been turned off without your knowledge, it's a red flag.

Unexplained System Crashes:
Frequent crashes or sudden system shutdowns might be caused by malicious software.

Suspicious Email Activity:
If you notice your email account sending out emails you didn't compose, it could indicate unauthorized access.

Changes in File Access:
If you suddenly cannot access files or folders you previously could, it may be due to unauthorized changes.

Unwanted Browser Changes:
If your web browser frequently redirects you to unfamiliar or malicious websites, it could be a sign of malware.

Excessive Pop-ups:
A sudden influx of pop-up advertisements, especially those containing dubious offers, is a potential indicator of compromise.

New User Accounts:
If you find new user accounts on your computer that you didn't create, it could be evidence of unauthorized access.